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Connecting Patients to Doctors

Early registration is encouraged to avoid the desperate effort to register at a difficult time when circumstances force you to seek urgent medical attention. Registration may need guidance from our team in areas not understood by a registering member.

Registered members can easily explore the website and familiarize themselves early with doctors for faster booking of appointments when need arises.

We have two ways of linking our clients to doctors:

  1. Booking Appointment

This service is only available for registered members. Registration on our site is free for all with no hidden charges. Payment for booking an appointment depends on the health specialist of your choice. Charges vary from nil to thousands of Kenya shillings.

       2. Direct Linking

Booking appointments prove to be a process at times and we’ve come up with a quick alternative of calling us direct on 0723987926.

You may be charged a small fee for a direct connection to a doctor using our emergency service pathway but it’s an alternative to those not in a position to book an appointment. Direct connection service applies to both registered and non-registered medical service seekers.

This site is a form of online hospital that strictly observes principles of clinical ethics listed below:

  • Beneficence
  • Nonmaleficence
  • Autonomy
  • Informed Consent
  • Truth Telling
  • Confidentiality
  • Justice

Security of customer information under the principle of confidentiality is our top priority in clinical ethics and fear of exposure should not hold back a medical service seeker. You’ll be required to give details of your location to help locate a doctor near you but NOT sensitive details of your health condition as that is a reserve for the qualified health specialist.

We ensure strict adherence to regulations controlling processing of private medical data as enshrined in:

  1. The Public Health Act 2012
  2. The Health Act 2017, and
  3. The HIV Aids Prevention and control Act, 2006

Direct call is a service open to both registered and non-registered patients.