Doctor Search - A Doctor for You

Doctor Mobilization and Registration

The word doctor as used on our platform refers to all actors in the health sector that you may need to attend to you, a relative or a friend at a time you are disturbed by “who is the best health specialist around here or around that place” to attend to you or your beloved one. will help you to find a doctor much faster than phone calls or physical search.

How We Find Doctors?

We use all avenues both online and offline means to inform them about an existing online platform that acts as an umbrella for all health service providers in Kenya to meet and serve the clients.

Credibility of Our Doctors

Doctors are thoroughly vetted prior to registration on this site on grounds of academic and professional qualifications and work ethics. Approval of a doctor’s registration is based purely on merit.

Mobility and Trust

For successful delivery of services, we invest a lot in trust between us and health service providers who in this case are our partners, a health service provider responds faster when alerted of an emergency call from us and in most cases is able to reach out to a patient in his/her locality.

Geographical Structure

Structuring of geographical locations starts from the county level, constituency level, and down to the ward level to allow members searching for doctors to filter their search efforts to the nearest level.